A volcano at the center of an old caldera

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Krishna's Pictures and Notes

The volcano is known as Gunung Bromo or Mt. Bromo, which is located almost at the center of an old caldera of Tengger Mountains in East Java, Indonesia. Together with Mt. Semeru which stands not too far from the mountains, they form an area called Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The name ‘Bromo‘, is said to be derived from Javanese pronounciation of ‘Brahma‘, the Hindu God that create the universe.


The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is a more than 58,000 hectares volcanic plateau. The Tengger caldera itself is located at the northern part of the National Park. It is the largest caldera in Java. The locals call the caldera as ‘Segoro Wedi‘ which mean the sea of sands because it is full of volcanic sands produced by the eruption of Mt. Bromo. So . . . no wonder that one will feel…

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Peak Desire #1

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I have a fascination with a mountain I knew when I was young. Then it was Mt Egmont. Now it is Mt Taranaki, having reverted to the original Maori name. This extinct volcano is located on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand, and boasts being the second most “regular” volcano, after Mt Fuji in Japan. Anyway it rises about 2300m (~7550ft) from the surrounding land to a total elevation of 2518m (~8260ft).

Its been a while since I have climbed it. In March 2011 I went with some friends to have a go. Initially I was excited as the weather looked like it was going to actually be fine. However the fine weather followed on the heels of a short cold snap which we found had deposited a layer of snow on the upper reaches. A bit unseasonal, but quite the normal weather for this mountain.

Undeterred by the snow…

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New Iron Man 3 IMax Poster

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►►►O Neal Azonic Avenger All MTN Mountain Bike Frame (White/Black, 19-Inch Frame)

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yellow billed stork

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Enjoy uganda’s unique bird viewing at queen elizabeth national park

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water sports in uganda

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water sports in uganda

Gorilla Tours Rwanda

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Gorilla Tours Rwanda.

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